The 8 minute workout

Too good to be true?  Not according to the research.  Short bursts of 20 seconds at kill-yourself effort followed by 10 seconds of recovery, seem to improve both anaerobic and aerobic capacity.  This is known as a Tabata workout after the Japanese chap that carried out some of the first research.

This workout is a based on Tabata intervals but with slightly longer efforts and recovery.  The other important aspect of the 8 minute workout is Plyometrics.  Plyometrics are repetitive explosive muscle contractions, a type of training that has been shown to improve agility and running economy.  I aim to make half the intervals in the eight minute workout plyometric type exercises.  Think bounds, hops and jumps at an exhausting pace.

This is a great workout for toning, strengthening perpheral muscles, core strength and balance.  It should help to prevent injury as well as improving fitness but be warned. You might be using muscles that are long forgotten. This is good injury prevention only if you don’t pull something en-route.

The workout

Set a watch to alarm every 30 seconds on repeat.

1) 30 seconds: fast high knees with alternate arms punching towards ceiling.  Knees as high and fast as possible.

30 seconds rest between each exercise

2) 30 body puches.  Punch low and fast towards the hypothetical stomach.  Fast and powerful.  This is a killer.

3) plyometrics:  tuck jumps.  Try to spring as high as possible

4) bounds (need some room outside).  Try to go long and high with each stride.

either repeat or use other exercises such as hopping, jab-punching, upper cuts etc.

Each 30 seconds should feel like long long long time.



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