Runners’ food: Pancakes with spinach

Pancakes are so easy and so delicious.  I find pancakes great after a long run: I make the batter before I go, then I add chocolate spread or cheese and tomato.  Pancakes are brilliant during marathon training as they contain protein and carbohydrate.  They are some of the few things I can enjoy despite post long run nausea. Yummy!

This makes at least 12 pancakes so you can feed the whole family (or eat them for days on end as I do).

pancake mix:

2 eggs

450g skimmed milk (about a mug and a quarter) no accuracy required

250g plain flour (just under a mug full, no accuracy required

pinch of salt

Filling mix:

100g frozen spinach (about 4 of the little blocks)

1 tbsp lowest fat Philadelphia soft cheese

1) whisk eggs and milk

2) Add flour and whisk until smooth (I use a balloon whisk but an electric whisk would do)

3) heat a non stick pan very hot with some veg oil in. When hot wipe the oil around with kitchen roll removing almost all of it.

4) one ladle of pancake mix  should cover the bottom of the frying pan if you spread it by moving the pan around.  After 30 seconds use a spatula to loosen the edges.

5) stick the spinach on full power in the microwave for a couple of minutes to defrost it. When it comes out mix in the soft cheese.

6) after a couple of minutes the pancakes should move, flip it (or turn it over if you are soft like my husband). 

7) Put the spinach on top.  Add some cheddar or parmesan if you want.  fold the pancake over twice and serve.

8) feel very smug for eating a healthy meal and help yourself to a choc and a glass of wine to celebrate.


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