runners’ food: mackerel patê

Mackerel: an important runners’ food…..but the taste!

I don’t really like fish, but it is a great runners’ food as it is high in protein.  Mackerel is also cheap, high in omega 3, and sustainable.  As omega 3 seems to be the new wonder solution, for everything from brain ache to age-related eye conditions, then it’s gotta be worth a try.  It should be particularly good for runners, as it is said to help reduce inflammation, and might even help our poor overused joints.

This is my palatable way of eating mackerel. It’s great on crackers, salad or toast or as a dip.


1 packet mackerel (with or without pepper)

2 tsp horseradish sauce

2 tbsp plain low fat yoghurt

squeeze of lemon juice


Take the skin off the mackerel. 

Mix everything together to form a paste. Add more yoghurt if you want to make a dip instead (good with bread sticks).

The end.  Simple or what?



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