Ultratrail: and so the fun begins…..

So the Zugspitze-Supertrail 68.8k trail race is starting from our little village on 28th June 2012.  The opportunity to do an ultra- trail marathon leaving almost from our door is too tempting an opportunity to miss.

8 weeks to go and time to give some serious thought to training.  My limited experience in this area comes from running the KarwendelMarsch last August.  A fantastic race that left me with very, very sore knees (meaning that, for 4 weeks, even a trip of 400m to the supermarket required a walking stick).  Obviously avoidance of a repeat situation is a high priority, but as the route will include 3000m of descent, including 2 horrible technical sections that look like cliffs on the race profile, knee pain is probably an inevitability.

In order to limit the damage, I have been training on undulating courses and experimenting with different techniques including forefoot striking.  No lightbulb moments so far.  Why is it that some people just float down the hills with little impact and no loss of control, but I come down helter-skelter with arms flailing hopelessly, slipping and sliding on any shale or mud? Surely all skills can be mastered with enough practice, or so I tell myself as I repeat difficult sections again and again in the hope that something finally clicks (or cracks, what ever comes first).

Today I ran a tough but fair 36k trail run around some peaceful woodland trails including part of Steckenweg and around the lovely Moserersee.  I bonked then recovered then bonked then recovered. The knees and hips complained from about 15k in and sciatica joined the throng at 25k. It was cold and wet and wonderful.  Zugspitze-Supertrail? Bring it on.

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