Unseasonable Weather makes for Wonderful Views (and very wet feet).

Well, after a month of barbeques and sunbathing, we thought we were done with snow until the autumn, but mountain weather is nothing if not fickle and Wednesday brought 15cm of snow.

But 50k training run was planned and so I set off, rucksack on back for a day out in the mountains.  This spring cold snap was particularly short-lived and at 11am, when I left the house, the temperature was rising steadily. 

Snow + Sun = soggy feet.

With the sun shining down on the snowy peaks of the Wetterstein mountains, the Gaistal valley was at its best.  This being early in the season, there weren’t many other folk around and for 2 hours, when I went cross-country in knee-high snow, I didn’t see a soul. (although after putting my foot straight through a snow-covered bridge, I started to understand why everyone else was sticking to the larger paths)

and so on and on I trotted, just me and the birds, and the spring hares and the deer.  Steve met me after 25k for a change of tyres (it turns out that sodden trainers have absolutely no cushioning).  Another 25k with another nice 600m climb and that was that. Nearly 7 hours of slippy sunny fun.  I’m starting to feel much more positive about the race,  just over a month to go…..

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