4 weeks to fit and fab

Ever look in the mirror and realise that the body there does not match the one in your mind? January is far too miserable to contemplate any sort of fitness plan.  But February is here, the evenings are getting longer and the excuses are long past their sell by date.

So here’s the challenge: 4 weeks to match my body to the one in my head.  Is that possible for a 34 year old?  We’ll soon find out.

So how does one go about getting seriously buff?  Jodie Marsh seems to have managed it so it can’t be impossible.  As luck would have it, I’m just about to embark on a course to become a personal trainer.  This means a few hours distance learning on the computer everyday, but hopefully some of stuff that I learn will help with the challenge.

But I haven’t started it yet. So for now, it’ll have to be a bit ad hoc.  Here’s the plan:

1) banish bad food habits

Like many runners, I don’t need or want to lost weight.  But to discover the six pack within, it would be useful to improve the quality of my diet.  My worse food habit is to read when eating,  thus becoming totally distracted from the food.  This has got so bad it feels as if something is lacking if there is no magazine or book to hand. Even in company there is often a yearning to read.  Not good.  So that’s out the window for February.  All meals are to be taken without text or telly.

2) more to life than running

Really?  This bit sounds a bit rubbish. Obviously sprinters tend to have pretty hot bodies so sprint reps would be ideal.  This is not really a safe option in the snow.  Kate Lawler’s Cardio Combat DVD will have to do. Every day? Is it possible to die of annoyance?  Believe me, I’d prefer to go to a Body Combat class anyday,  but this not an option in sleepy Leutasch,  Lawler it is.  And god is she annoying.  However the DVD only cost £1.99 from Oxfam Bodmin so it will be exceptionally good value.

3) Running.  This goes without saying.  However, the recently adopted routine of slow happy jogs isn’t really a fast track to fitness.  Some tempo and hill work should help with fitness and, hopefully, buffness.

That’s it! Today was a positive start with a 50 minute jog followed by a session with Kate (bloody knackering as it turns out!). Here’s the plan for the rest of the week:

Thursday 2nd: 30 minutes run plus the 8 minute workout. Yoga.

Friday 3rd: 1 hour run plus session with Miss Lawler.

Saturday: Alpine skiing plus  press up and abs session.

Sunday:  hour run or uphill walk plus Kate. Again.

Progress report to follow.




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