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Leutasch is a wonderful place to bring children.

In summer younger children will have fun paddling in the shallow Leutascher Ache or playing at the play area (both 100m from the apartment). Older children can cycle, swim in the crystal clear lakes, fish or simply enjoy a bit more freedom than at home. There’s also an amusement area with trampolines and various small rides, including summer tobogganing from the top of the hill. The Leutascher Geisterklamm (Spirits’ gorge) is a stunning gorge with a fixed walkway that is fun for all the family. If it’s raining you could go swimming at the Alpenbad, or take a day trip to Innsbruck, Salzburg or to the fairytail castle (Neuschwanstein).

In winter there is a wealth of activities from snowball fights and snowboarding to ice-skating and tobogganing. Due to the high altitude, it very rarely rains in winter (just loads of snow) so most days are perfect for outdoor activity.

Children are welcome at all of the restaurants in the village, where the pizza and pasta menus should prove popular.

Alternatively make use of the nearby supermarket and self catering facilities and eat in. Evenings at Happy Mountains are fun for all the family. We provide board games and there’s a playstation that you can borrow. You can also enjoy British telly, or watch a DVD.

This is Leutasch, what are you waiting for?